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Top things to know about future jobs

For those starting on their dream job exploration there is very exciting news - and it’s not all about tech.

Taking The Fear Out Of Choosing a Career

How Wayfind guides clients towards productive, rewarding careers that are well-matched to their talents, interests and goals.

Avoid last minute scramble for summer internships

Wayfind can help you plan for the right internship, with a professional resume and guidance.


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We empower you to make wise, informed career decisions.

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We guide you to where you want to go

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Prepare your child with a viable plan towards leading an inspired, proactive life. Replace career path and education decision overload with purpose and excitement.

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Uncover your natural talents and explore new, in-demand careers which will meet your personal needs.

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Stimulate growth within your educational institution or organization by leveraging natural talents and building alignment.


1 On 1 Sessions

Our proven methodology helps teens and young adults effectively gain clarity to find the professional path that balances their priorities and natural talents.

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As Highlands certified career consultants, we facilitate customized sessions to impart the awareness and tools necessary to broaden career horizons. From high school students and education faculty to career-changers and senior professionals, we create private workshops for diverse groups of growth-minded individuals.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We provide customized programs for business leaders and school administrators seeking to streamline high-performance capacity.

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Discover What You Do Best

Wayfind specialists are certified to use the Highlands Ability Battery Assessment to transform your career path. HAB objectively measures natural abilities through the performance of games and exercises. Your natural abilities will be charted and explained in customized reports designed to relate your pattern of abilities to align with performance, work and school environment, and career fit. A Wayfind specialist will interpret the results with you and help you identify where and how those abilities can best be leveraged in your career journey.

We want our clients to feel comfortable and satisfied with their career choices. That means they need to fully understand themselves and the landscape of jobs that fit their profile.  We want them to choose wisely, not just take any random job. 


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