Our Mission

Young people are choosing career paths based on ease, convenience, and complacency potentially lacking the knowledge, objectivity, and mentorship to choose based on  strengths, interests, and values. The rules of today’s workplace have changed drastically creating a gap in parents’ understanding of the current opportunities well enough to properly guide their children.

The Wayfind vision is clear. We want to replace reactive decision-making with one that is calculated and deliberate, providing the necessary awareness and tools to design a clear path toward a balanced, satisfying future.


A job is not just about what one does during the day. It affects how you wake up in the morning to their spouse and children, how they feel about themselves during the day and how they come home at the end of the day. You need the energy engage with your family, the most important aspect of your life. Will you be able to do that if you are drained from the day?

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