1 On 1 Sessions

Our 1 On 1 sessions help you discover what direction will set you up for professional success and/or teach you the tools to execute against your plan.

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Our proven methodology
helps students and young adults effectively gain clarity
to find the professional path
that balances their
priorities and natural talents.


How We Work

We meet you where you are in your journey to help you navigate your next steps. Our offerings include custom-tailored assessments, 1 On 1 sessions, guided research, and customized career guidance that will leave you feeling empowered, engaged and positive about your future.



We utilize a hi-tech, hi-touch approach with interactive elements and innovative assessments to reveal the unique inner strengths, values, and priorities that enable you to maximize your potential and balance your needs.



Based on our mutual understanding of your profile, we provide you with several career paths and associated educational paths to explore. We then narrow down those choices together based on your goals and priorities.



We empower you to follow through with the decision best suited to you and provide a concrete roadmap for achieving the career you desire.


Packages and Pricing

Get in touch to learn more about which package is right for you.




I started as a real estate broker…

I was primarily servicing buyers and sellers of residential rental buildings. As the market shifted due to new regulations I needed to reevaluate my career choice. I was really stuck in loopy thinking patterns before I met with Wayfind. The [HAB] test and analysis of the test helped me get clarity on what is really important to me, what my strengths are and more. Speaking to people they have introduced me to has provided even further clarity. Additionally, I feel like they really care about their clients and this is not just a job for them. I identified that my end goal is to be a principal in a business and with their help I have identified three jobs that can help me get there. Thank you very much for all your help!


After receiving my Master’s degree…

I was working in my chosen field, at what was supposed to be my ‘dream job,’ yet feeling an inner sense of dissatisfaction. I was struggling to identify what was causing those feelings, and what I can do help myself and the future of my career... A friend of mine referred me to Wayfind, and I am blown away by what a difference my sessions has made in my life. Not only did they help me recognize the sources of my struggle, and validate that need for inner contentment in my career, she guided me in learning my core strengths, identifying the best career venues for my talents, professional skills, and personal needs, and ultimately choosing a new career path that incorporates it all. I left with a very clear plan of action, and am now, Thank G-d, experiencing success and excitement on my new path.