Workshops are a cost effective way to explore your talents and focus no matter where you are in your career journey.

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We facilitate customized group sessions to impart the awareness and tools necessary to broaden career horizons.

Depending on the workshop, participants walk away with:

  • Self-awareness, which jobs use their natural strengths and what these jobs really are, OR

  • Resume writing, interviewing and networking skills and how to look for a job

Our clients run the gamet - from high school/college students, to seminary/yeshiva students and career-changers or mid-lifers.


Discover What You Do Best - Career Workshop

We help workshop participants understand what they naturally do best:

· Explore jobs that are best suited for you

What’s the secret to finding fulfillment in your job?

The answer is simple: Give yourself permission to explore where your talents are best served.


Ready, Set Go into Your Career.

Wayfind offers an accelerated strategically planned 3-part workshop series to get you primed for your internship and or first job out of school.

· Resume Workshop: Learn how to tell your story. Qualify & quantify your experience. Articulate your background in a way that a perspective employer knows from first glance that you are a MUST hire.

· Interview workshop: Learn essential interview do’s & don’ts; mock interviews and question preparedness. Interview follow up essential tips. Practice, practice, practice

· Networking: Create templates and effective communication with people in your industry. Understand how to leverage Linked In for your career. Most importantly, how to position yourself on LinkedIn so that employers come to you.


Don’t Waste Your Talent – Whole Person Exploration Series

This 8-part workshop series explores 8 essential factors that make up the whole person.

Personal reflection of the 8 factors: abilities, skills, interests, personal style, family, values, goals, and stage of career.

Integration into one’s life through creation of Personal Vision, Career Vision and Development Plan.