Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is career coaching?

Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. It is a proactive, results-driven activity that helps you reach your professional and personal goals. Career coaching, which is our specialty, requires your focus, effort, and energy. As your coaches, we become your success partners in identifying and clarifying strengths and leveraging them to craft and achieve your future.

Coaching takes place in person or via a video call, one-on-one or in group workshops.

+ What are aptitudes?

Aptitudes are your natural abilities, the unique combination of kochos that Hashem has given to you (unique combination of strengths you were born with). Aptitudes can be considered raw talents – natural abilities waiting to be harnessed and used. They are what have been hardwired to do quickly, easily, and effortlessly.

Research shows that often, people are bad at judging their own aptitudes. When things come so naturally to us, we dismiss them and pay more attention to areas where we put in more effort.

The HAB assessment we use objectively assesses your natural talents through a series of 19 work samples or exercises.

+ Why is it important to know my aptitudes?

Everyone has natural aptitudes, which remain relatively stable throughout life. It is about discerning which set you have. Your aptitudes are key factors in determining a direction that gives you the greatest satisfaction and success in your work, life, and education choices.

Certain careers and classes will come more easily and be a more natural fit for you depending on your pattern of aptitudes.

Furthermore, every aptitude creates a need – your aptitudes need to be utilized to avoid a general sense of dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction often feels like a nagging sense that something is not right or is missing. This often becomes especially apparent in mid-life. It is ideal to determine your aptitudes before making any college and career decisions.

+ What abilities does the HAB measure?

The HAB measures 14 abilities, 3 personal style dimensions, and one skill. The generalist/specialist scale where generalists are group workers and have an easy time working through and with other people; specialists prefer to contribute independently and to develop “their own thing”

The extrovert/introvert scale where extroverts are energized by others, think out loud, and need people to work with and talk to, and introverts are self-energized, reflective thinkers and work well quietly on their own.

Time frame orientation measures how far out into the future a person prefers to set and work toward targets. This can influence the length of time a person expects to achieve goals such as the difference between project work and strategic planning.

+ Do you consider any other factors beyond natural talent?

We take your “whole self” into account. when making the career decision. We blend your aptitudes, with your personality style and characteristics, interests, life goals and values to identify career paths that will enable you to operate in your area of maximum effectiveness and satisfaction.

+ Who benefits from going through the assessment process?

We can all benefit from learning about their uniquely designed pattern of aptitudes, personality type characteristics, interests, and work motivators and how to best utilize their strengths and giftedness.

Most of our clients are students (high school, college, seminary, yeshiva) seeking direction in making career and college major decisions. We help them narrow the field of potential career choices to those that are most in line with their natural talents. This equips them to make the most effective decisions now and in the future about what career paths and college majors are the best fit for them based on their unique design, greatly increasing the likelihood they will love their career.

We all think we can figure it out. Beware of the 7 Myths About Heading Into Your Stage.

We recommend our DWYT series for adults at various stages – they might be dissatisfied with their current job situation, re-entering the workforce after staying home to care for others, curious about other career options, facing a decision about a job offer, transfer, or promotion, or nearing retirement and desire to make the most out of their next season of life.

+ Does Wayfind help me find a job?

Wayfind is here to strategize with you about which career path you should be taking. We also prepare you with resume writing/editing, interviewing and communication skills, and applications. We do not provide recruiting services but are happy to share leads that come across our desk.

+ What do I need to get started?

We start off with a short consult on the phone. Once you agree to move forward and complete payment, we provide you with a detailed email with assessment and registration form instructions. This is required pre-work that needs to be completed in advance of our one-on-one session.

+ How long does the whole process take?

The optimal duration is 2-3 weeks, however the length of time depends on the client’s schedule as well as the amount of research they need to complete, as it differs for each individual.

+ If I have learning difficulties, will I still benefit from the assessment?

Absolutely. Everyone has natural talents and in these situations, it is even more critical to uncover them so that they know what they are good at, instead of always focusing on what has been hard for them.

+ Can parents or spouses attend meetings?

The majority of our sessions are one-on-one with the client, however, there are situations where a parent attends.

+ Do you do any business coaching?

We love helping entrepreneurs bring their business to the next level. Please reach out to find out more.